More Bannetons have arrived!

There has been talk for some time now about our new shipment of bannetons.  Our first order sold out quickly, leading us to conclude that we had misjudged the popularity of this product.

We became intrigued by these pretty things years ago as it seemed to be the product of choice for the serious baker. When some of us dabbled in home baking, we discovered that these baskets made the job so easy, having used straw hats and tea-towels before. However we found them to be very expensive when purchased from our usual sources. In true Chefs’ Warehouse fashion we began the relentless task of tracking down a manufacturer in Europe to supply us directly. This took some time, but our efforts paid off and we now have direct contact with the craftsmen who have been making these baskets for generations.

We now have in stock a full complement of shapes and sizes.

Round bannetons come in 4 sizes.

MB5231   0.5kg     MB5232  1kg    MB5233  1.5kg   MB5234  2kg

Long oval bannetons come in 4 sizes

MB5200  0.3kg   MB5202  1kg  MB 5203  1.5kg  MB5204  2kg

Wider oval bennetons come in 2 sizes.

MB5201  0.5kg   MB5224  2kg

Rose Levy Beranbaum, sage of all things baking has this to say about them in her book ‘the bread bible’….

“Bannetons are round or oblong baskets or containers used for shaping bread doughs while they are rising. They may be beautiful willow baskets…..The unlined willow basket leaves an attractive design on the crust of the bread. It is important to have a porous container so that the dough can breathe: otherwise, the moisture of the dough may cause it to stick…and the dough will collapse and deflate when unmoulded.”

Cane bannetons, although porous, still require flouring to keep the dough from sticking initially.

We also sell couche cloth which is another useful tool in bread proofing.  

Couche (French for bed) is coarse woven linen that is folded to make a bed for the rising dough. This is useful for making longer bread shapes such as baguettes.  Similar to the bannetons,  it requires  flouring before use and can be used to line bannetons if desired.  This results in losing some of the pretty patterns created by the bannetons, though it does eliminate any chance of the dough sticking to the cane.

If you would like any further information on the above products, or would like to enquire about pricing, please call us and quote the product number you are interested in. Our contact details can be found in ‘CONTACT’.


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