A historical moment!

It has been a very long since we had much to say on here. We will endeavor to keep you more up to date with what’s going on with us, and now is a good moment to start.

We are about to embark on what is a FIRST





Historically we have not had sales as we have always prided ourselves on having some of, if not the, most competitive pricing for all of our stock. In these changing times it’s obvious that one can always find a more competitive price on ‘the internet’, however experience has told us that a lot of these transactions generally don’t play out, or leave the customer in a precarious position of not knowing who it is they are buying their sometimes expensive equipment from.

We have always enjoyed the interactions with our customers and the experience of face to face transaction, and many a time we are able to steer customers to a product that is more suitable to their needs after a conversation.

None of this will change, but we do have a lot of stock and we do have a stock take to do, and so a sale sounds like a good idea.

We will be offering a 30% discount on all our standard products excluding electrical machinery and food.  These items will be offered at special pricing in store.

This is a great opportunity to grab yourself a real bargain on many great lines!!


Dates to be announced soon ……




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