It seems almost unimaginable in the modern world of kitchen gadgetry that once upon a time, not that long ago, the tasks of chopping, dicing, slicing and pureeing were all done by hand, using just knives, moulis and tamis. Admittedly these arduous tasks performed repeatedly, probably contributed to the skills of many kitchen apprentices, and it was possibly because apprentices were assigned to these laborious and repetitive tasks that there was never any call for such a machine to be invented!

However, a canny French catering company salesman Pierre Verdun, witnessing the hours of labour attributed to these tasks in commercial kitchens, invented the first food processor and it was with the invention of this first machine that Robot Coupe the company was born, and in turn the array of machines now called ‘food processors’. These machines are now so ubiquitous in kitchens of all sizes, it’s hard to imagine what life was like before ………


Robot Coupe’ roughly translates as robotic cutting (with the added benefit of being a great brand name) and the original model, invented in the early 1960’s was basic, and only chopped ingredients to one consistency. What was revolutionary was the design of the bowl and blade. Creating a wide bowl with the blade sat at the bottom, and a machine that ran quickly, allowed for continuous chopping or blending of ingredients, without having to include extra liquid to keep the ingredients moving around the blade.

Prior to this the only way to achieve a smooth consistency was by hand (see apprentices, above!) or a blender which always needs added liquid to achieve consistency.  It seems almost fantastically simple now to invent a machine with a motor that revolved fast enough to create in seconds what used to take hours. But, necessity is indeed the mother of invention and in this case, Pierre saw an opportunity and ran with it!

From these humble beginnings Robot Coupe have gone on to become the most respected manufacturer of commercial machines and have developed various lines specifically suited to certain, single tasks. They are still made exclusively in their factory in Burgundy, the gastronomical heart of France, and they are constantly developing to supply the industry with an unbeaten array of end-product specific machines.


Chefs’ Warehouse is proudly the oldest Robot Coupe distributor in Australia. We have been selling these for well over 30 years, and so can vouch for their stability and professionalism. Due to our enduring relationship with Robot Coupe Australia, we can offer you solid advice on which machine best suits your requirements, and organise demonstrations in your kitchen using your ingredients. This is done by our Robot Coupe reps and will give you clarity and certainty that you are buying exactly what you need.

Below we will talk you through the ranges and what they are used for, but needless to say, if you’re in the market for a ‘food processor’ then Robot Coupe will have a machine to fulfill your needs!



These are effectively the workhorse of the modern kitchen. They are sold with a smooth blade as standard, which will give you the ability to coarsely and finely mince or chop, as well as make emulsions such as mayonnaise.  They can be fitted with a coarse serrated blade suitable for pastry work, or grinding nuts, or a fine serrated blade which is suitable for chopping herbs and making spice pastes.  These models range from 2.9L up to 11.5L bowls and come in both single and variable speed.


These are dual-purpose machines which give you the ability to chop ingredients as above models, but are also purchased with a vegetable processing attachment, known by us as a ‘veg head’. The veg head is attached to the motor base with your choice of disc. All veg heads are automatic eject, which means you don’t have to keep stopping to empty a bowl, instead outputting to an external container. These are sold as standard with a 2mm and 4mm slicer, a 2mm grater and a 4x4mm julienne, however there is a complete selection of 23 available discs to choose from!

These machines also allow for the attachment of 2 types of juicer. A citrus press and sauce or ‘coulis’ attachment for other fruits.



These machines have been developed to specifically process vegetables and have no chopping blade or bowl. The blades are covered by the head of the machine and vegetables are processed into an external container.  The main difference between the CL range of vegetable processors and the R series with the veg head is the speed of the motor. Optimum results are achieved through a slow running motor. These machines have a running speed of only 375 rpm, which allows for vegetables to be fed into the disc and processed with extreme precision. The running speed allows for the CL machines to not only slice, grate and julienne, but also dice, chip and waffle cut, which cannot be done in the ‘R’ series attachment.

These machines are generally sold without discs. There are over 50 different options and as most customers require a specific type of cut or grate or dice, this choice is made  at the time of purchase.

The CL40 is the starter model which will process around 50kg per hour. They then go upwards from here to large machines with the capacity to process up to 800kg per hour.

Apart from the vast array of available discs, there is also a Mashed Potato attachment for the bigger CL50 model which allows for two different discs depending on your required texture and has the capacity to process up to 10kg of mash in just 2minutes (watch a fascinating video here!) .

Imagine the time that would take in a hand cranked mouli !!!



Just as the CL series has been designed exclusively for vegetable processing, the BLIXER series is designed to process very fine and consistent purees.

This is achieved by the fast running motor of 3000rpm and the inclusion of internal bowl scrapers that continually force the ingredients back down onto the blades, thus ensuring a smooth and even texture in the finished product. There are both set speed and variable speed machines available. These start at the BLIXER 2 which has a bowl capacity of 2.9L and again head upwards into a terrifyingly large model that holds 60L.

blixer 60
Your output and required end product would determine which machine would be suitable for you.



Robot Coupe have recently development their Robot Cook.

Robot Cook is effectively a little of the ‘R’ series and BLIXER, with the added ability heat and cook up to 140 degrees. It has a variable speed function from 100 to 3500rpm and has a variable reverse speed. It is supplied with a smooth and a fine serrated blade for extra functionality.

Robot Coupe also have an extensive line of stick blenders, some which can be fitted with whisk attachments, and juicers and planetary mixers.

So, as you can see there is nothing that needs doing that Robot Coupe haven’t thought about and designed a machine for. Drop in a see our machines in store….


We will generally be the cheapest in Sydney and have the expertise available to advise you on the correct purchase for your business. See you soon!

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