111 Albion Street, Surry Hills. Photograph courtesy Beebo Constructions

What began in 1980 as a tiny wholesale business has become Sydney’s renowned restaurant, bakery, café and caterer supplier. We have always been situated within the heart of Sydney’s inner-city restaurant area, although we have moved twice, each time of necessity to larger premises. We are now well established in our own building in Albion Street, Surry Hills.

Over the past 30 years we have seen many fashions in food and restaurants come and go. However, it has always been our driving objective to provide the industry with not only the basics in tableware and kitchen equipment but also hard-to-find and reliable products that we are happy to recommend. We only stock products which we like, and we are pleased that our customers like them too. We are noted for our reasonable prices and the level of our service. Our collective  knowledge of our products, cooking and food generally is rare amongst our competitors, and we are happy to give frank and objective advice to customers if we think it will benefit them – even at the cost of a potential sale.

The years have seen us grow into a much bigger company that now supplies both to Sydney and country businesses,  and to a large base of customers interstate and in neighbouring countries. The enthusiastic cook is always a welcome customer, and over the years we have seen many businesses thrive and grow from modest beginnings. We like to think that our support, advice and knowledge has contributed to these successes. In spite of the obvious commercial attraction of providing an on-line shopping service, we feel that to do so would be at the expense of the personal attention we are currently able to offer to our clients.

Many of our customers have lamented the recent replacement of our quaint hand-written invoicing procedures.The call of modern life in this instance became too loud to ignore and last year saw the institution of a computerised invoice and stock system. We believe this has greatly improved our ability to offer a more streamlined service for our customers, and hope that none of the charm has been lost.

We will be using this site as a newsletter. When we think we have something interesting or of note to tell we will make a post. Please subscribe so that you automatically receive a newletter.


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