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  1. Greetings from NZ.
    I had the good fortune to work at your establishment nigh on 20+ yrs ago.
    I see via the web, that Creaky and Davy are “pulling the pin”.
    What a shame.
    I very much enjoyed my time there with, Chris,Davy,Gill or Jill(?),Penny,Sally (who I had a bit of a crush on) & her dog Jack,Jess,Michelle and Jess’ mum whose name escapes me??
    And last,but by no means least,Tim,who I worked out back with.
    It was great to be around like-minded people with great taste.
    Those lunches from the wonderful dining spots of the time were epic too.
    I wish Creaky and Davy all the best with their retirements and future endeavours.
    I hope all the people whose names I listed are well too.
    All the best
    Chris Spoors
    New Zealand

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